Version: 3.x.x


At its core, Assistant Relay is powered by Node.js


  • Node.js version >= 10.13.0 (this can be checked by running node -v). If you require multiple Node versions, you can use NVM to manage multiple versions on a single machine
  • Python version >= 3.7 (If you're running Assistant Relay version <= 3.2, this is not required)
  • PM2 will be installed as a pre-requisite. If you do not already have it installed, please install after Node.js by running npm i pm2 -g
  • Assistant Relay - Make sure you download the latest Do not download the Source Code!


To install Assistant Relay, unzip the contents of to a folder of your choosing. For these documents, the folder name will be assistant-relay

In the assistant-relay folder, open a terminal/command window and run the below command to install the required dependencies

npm run setup

Once setup is complete, you can run the below command to start Assistant Relay using PM2.

npm run start

Note: If you don't want to run this with PM2, you can use npm run dev which will run Assistant Relay in its own instance. It won't restart though if it crashes, or if it forces a restart when you do something such as changing the port