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Assistant Relay lets you send any command to Google Assistant that would normally follow the OK Google commmand.

Sending a custom command#

To send a custom command, simply send a HTTP POST request to /api/assistant with the following json-encoded body parameter:

"command": "tell me a joke",
"converse": true, // Or false if you don't want the response broadcasted
"user": "greg" // Match the name of the users you setup

Once executed, Assistant Relay will then broadcast the response to your Google Home devices.

Note: If you do not want Assistant Relay to broadcast the response, set the converse parameter to false


As Assistant Relay uses the Google Assistant Service, there are some restrictions.

  • Google does not allow media commands to work, so sending a command such as Play John Mayer in the Office will not work

Casting back audio responses#

Assistant Relay supports casting via CATT. In the above custom command example, the response is populated with an audio field.

It is possible to pass this URL back to the /api/cast/catt endpoint for it to play as per the following json-encoded body parameter:

"command": "catt -d \"Office Hub\" cast",

For more information, please see Casting Media